from Brietbart:

Politico’s Jim VandeHei and Mike Allen (VandeAllen) must have recently woke up feeling a little dirty about themselves and their chosen profession. Maybe it was due to Obama not leaving any money on the dresser this weekend. Whatever the motivation, it is fun to read their long, rambling rationalization for why they, their awful publication, and the media as a whole have spent the last four years willingly assuming the position of Obama’s footstool.

What we obviously have here is a case of Battered Media Syndrome. The media obediently adore, ferociously protect, and do everything Barack tells them to do. But right now the media are feeling a little taken for granted — battered, if you will.  But rather than stand up for themselves, the boys at Politico have composed a love letter to Obama, that says in so many words: You only treat us bad because you’re so amazing!

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