It is official. Barack Hussein Obama II has taken the oath of office for the “4th” time, thus beginning his second term to, as he tweeted, “finish what he started”!

To that end, may we at JAMES take this date in history, and wish the nine Justices of the Supreme Court of the United States good health and long lives. May they yearn to continue their legal jurisprudence throughout the next four years, and beyond. And should the urge for retirement at an age “younger” than Justice John Paul Stevens chose (92?), may it be the Honorable Justice Breyer or Ginsberg that choose that avenue.

And perhaps, as age and wisdom comes to the “Latina” Justice, or Justice Kagan, may they not follow the leftist liberal ideology, but come to an understanding of our conservatism.

God Bless the United States, as we will need it to survive the agenda of this President in the days ahead.