Richard Nixon was dogged by the Watergate break in and coverup in his second term, ultimately leading to his resignation from office!

Ronald Reagan had to deal with the Iran-Contra scandal in his second term.

And, of course, how can we forget the young intern in the “beret” who caught the wandering eye of Pres. William Jefferson Clinton. Monica Lewinsky was Clinton’s second term curse, no doubt!!

So, as Barack Hussein Obama II takes the Oath of Office on Sunday, January 20th, 2013, what brewing problems could ultimately turn into his “Second Term Curse”.

The possibilities are many:


                                        POOR CABINET CHOICES

                                       THE DEBT CEILING FISCAL CLIFF DEBACLE

                                       THE UNCOVERING OF WIDESPREAD ELECTION TAMPERING

So what scandals do you see for the Obamessiah in his 2nd Term?