During a panel discussion on Tuesday’s NBC Today, chief medical editor  Nancy Snyderman voiced her support for a New York newspaper, The Journal  News, publishing a list of addresses of local gun owners: “You  have these sort of blind assumptions that when your child goes over to play with  another kid, he or she is going to be safe. And I think that has been now  negated. So I have no problem….we’re not outing child molesters, this  is a legal transaction, it’s a public transaction.” [Listen to the audio or  watch the video after the jump]

Snyderman’s declaration was  prompted by fellow panelist, advertising executive Donny Deutsch, also standing  by the paper’s controversial action: “I think it’s a great idea, I’ll  tell you why. I’ve got two little girls at home and I would like to know if  they’re going on a play date in a house where there’s a gun….when you  have a gun, you are setting yourself up as somebody different. It’s your  choice…”

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