(NaturalNews) When everybody is diagnosed with a mental disorder, gun permits  will be a thing of the past

Take that seriously.

At a presidential  debate, Obama was asked about achieving gun control. He said, “Enforce the laws  we’ve already got. Make sure we are keeping the guns out of the hands of  criminals…[and] those who are mentally ill.”


In case you’ve been sleeping  in a cave for the past few years, the US government is doing everything it can  to create more categories of crimes, and the psychiatrists are expanding the  list of (fictional but enforceable) mental disorders, as they also relentlessly  promote “more diagnosis and treatment.”

Some estimates state 20-25% of  the US population is suffering from a mental disorder. These are absurd and  cooked figures, for several reasons, but it doesn’t matter. What matters is that  huge numbers of people can be arbitrarily labeled as such.

So legally  owning or not owning a gun may soon hinge on a broader definition of “mentally  ill,” changed to “having been diagnosed with a mental disorder,” because that is  one back-door way to execute a massive gun ban.

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