Tragedy has struck a small town in Connecticut, near Danbury, as at least one armed gunman went on a rampage at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

The situation is still etxremely fluid, but its being reported that a 20 year old man has killed at least 8 adults, including the school’s principal, and as many as 18 children. It is believed that the children were kindergarten and 1st grade age. The suspect’s home is being serached, as well as another residence, possibly in NJ. There are also reports that a 2nd suspect may have since been taken into custody.

Pres. Obama has spoke with Connecticut’s Governor, expressing his concerns and his sympathies. Homeland Security is already stating that this is not a terrorism attack.

The story will continue to evolve as the day and weekend progresses.

 Students being led away from school to be reunited with their parents.