The world is on edge as the Middle East continues to deteriorate in conflicts. While Egypt’s President Morsi tries for a dictatorial power grab, and NO ONE IN AMERICA’S LEADERSHIP WANTS TO ANSWER QUESTIONS ABOUT FOUR DEAD AMERICANS IN BENGHAZI, Syria’s President Assad readies his troops for chemical warfare. Sarin gas has been placed in bombs, awaiting his commands.

So while “Rome burns”, is our Nero fiddling? Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is trying to persuade Syria’s ally, Russia, to pull its support. President Obama continues to warn Assad that the use of chemicals on his own citizens will not be tolerated. But is this enough? Obama has shown the US to be a weakened force in the region, and thus, do his words then bear any weight? Should our military might be moved around to show that we are serious about the chemical warfare?

What say you?