A 25-yr old member of NYPD has become a viral sensation for his random act of kindness when he was photographed giving a new pair of boots and socks to a homeless man in NYC on a cold night.


Officer Lawrence DePrimo noticed the man in Times Square, and offered him assistance. The homeless man told him he was fine and “God Bless You”. The officer was compelled to go into the Skecher’s shoe store, and purchased a pair of “all-weather” boot and socks for the man. The employee at the shoe store added to the random act by selling the shoes to DePrimo with his employee-discount.

A tourist couple from Arizona caught the act on camera, without the officer’s knowledge, and posted the photo, which has gone viral. The officer said it was simply something he felt he had to do. NYPD Chief Ray Kelly commended DePrimo with a set of special cufflinks, which are given by the Chief for special recognitions.

Officer DePrimo puts a positive note as we enter the specialness of the Christmas season by “paying it forward”. Somewhere, a proud mother,  proud set of parents, are reflecting on “their job well done”, having raised this fine young man.

With the receipt from Skechers tucked carefully into hs bulletproof vest, something tells me that God will be watching over Officer DePrimo as he protects the citizens of NYC… the City that never sleeps!!