It has now been a bit more than two months since our consulate and CIA-annex in Benghazi Libya was attacked, and our Ambassador and three brave heroes were brutally murdered. In the days, weeks, and months since the attack, we have seen the fawning media IGNORE the matter altogether, fearful it would derail the re-election of their beloved Obama.

Now the Obama team has secured its second term, and it appears that they are driving the proverbial bus over those who are not willing to be dismissive of the Libya debacle. After all, if Libya on 9-11 WAS A TERRORIST ATTACK, it diminishes the narrative that the foreign policies of Barack Obama have made a positive change for the United States.

With the added salacious sex-scandal that has ensnared Gen. David Petraeus, the mainstream media is now giving THAT ANGLE coverage.

There being so many questions regarding the events PRIOR to the consulate attack, the actual attack and the President’s lack of candor, the bungled PR stunts of Ambassador Susan Rice, and the investigation of Petraeus, is it not time now that we stop the “self-investigating”, and get to the T.O.M= the TRUTH of the MATTER?

       It is now time that we know the “who, what, where, when and why” of Benghazi, and hold those responsible accountable on behalf of the brave Americans who died there!