By the Electoral College count, President Obama secured a large victory in his quest for a second term. But by the popular vote, the margin of victory is VERY thin, and it is such that shows that his divisiveness in the last four years continues to hold, and he awakes this morning to the status quo… The House is still Red, and Harry Reid still leads a Senate that has not passed a budget in nearly four years.

So as he sets forth on his legacy, which, God forbid, might include as many as three Supreme Court appointments, will Obama govern even more to the left and to his base, or will he be willing to create a legacy that shows that he truly is a President of all the people, and as he said last night, he has heard what even those who did not support him have said.

Only time will tell. But the new mission is to hold our elected officials more accountable, and that starts with forcing Obama to come clean on Benghazi….. even if it costs him his 2nd term.