Reminescent of the 2008 Election Day, the New Black Panthers have taken up their “monitoring” of the polls in Pennsylvania, sans the billy clubs. GOP Pollwatchers were banned from another site until a judge issued an emergency order. A woman in Denver was told she could not wear her M.I.T. sweatshirt in to vote because it was “political”, as was a t-shirt in Texas that said “Vote the Bible”.

In the battleground areas such as Ohio and Florida, there will be challenges to the process made throughout the day.

Meanwhile, President Obama and the First Lady will do some satellite talks from Chicago, enjoying their home there (where they will soon be sent packing to unless they opt for that $35million dollar home in Hawaii). The President is said to be preparing for his traditional Election day basketball game. The GOP contender is taking the battle head on, right to the end. After the Romneys voted in Belmont, MA, and the Ryan’s voted in Janesville, WI, it was back to the campaign, with stops in Cleveland OH, Pittsburgh PA, and Virginia, before both couples meet up together in Boston tonight for what many expect to be the celebration of the Election of POTUS #45, Willard Mitt Romney!!

And, for the election weary, your rest will be shortlived. For regardless of tonight’s winner, there is one thing we can be assured of…. the 2016 Presidential race begins TOMORROW!