“And then…just before I “thought” I was going to bed tonight, I decided to check
our blog and found the following comment: “sorry you lost your son. But making
his death a matter of Democrats v Republicans cheapens his loss.”  And that was
it.  My reply?  “Nothing
will EVER cheapen the loss our family has endured.  What grieves me most as
Aaron’s mother (you know…the one who gave birth to him, rocked him to sleep
hundreds, if not thousands of times, sat up with him when he had a nightmare or
was running a fever, coached his pee-wee basketball team, sat at the dinner
table year after year making sure his homework was done, loaned him the car for
his first date, never missed a football game for 7 years (home or away), prayed
with him when he received Christ, cried with him when his heart broke, shared
every victory and every defeat with him, danced with him at his wedding to
“Thanks Again,” hugged him goodbye for the final time in June of last year, and
yes, buried him) is that he freely gave his life so someone like YOU would be
ensured the freedom to visit HIS personal site for no purpose except to spew a
disgustingly insensitive comment toward his parents.  I pity you.  You are a
sad, sad human being.  But….he died for you, so go ahead, tell me more about
what I’m doing to cheapen his ‘loss’ (whatever that means).”