There were four lives lost in Benghazi, Libya on September 11th, 2012, each just as special and important as the other. But the name that headlines the tragedy is that of our Ambassador to Libya, Christopher Stevens.

The Ambassador is the top official link between our White House and the host country. He serves as the representative of our great Nation.

While there are many questions yet to be answered, beginning with the incompetent “spinning” from the White House, the one that keeps resonating within is “Where is the outrage  and leadership from the President?” Our Ambassador was brutally attacked and grossly tortured as a part of his murder. Have you seen the pictures? Are you outraged? This is an AMERICAN CITIZEN. Our President was so angered about this incident that after addressing the issue on September 12th in the Rose Garden, condemning a “movie trailer” for the violence, he boarede Air Force One and headed off to Las Vegas for fundraisers and interviews with rapper shows! THE VERY SAME NIGHT.

Are you outraged??

The incompetent Ambassador to the United Nations, Susan Rice, paraded through the Sunday talk show circuit minimalizing the attacks by insisting that they were tied to this anti-Muslim movie, and Jay Carney harped on the fact that there was NOT an organized terrorist plot, despite the words of Libya’s President to the contrary.

Then the ever-pompous Carney spours on Air Force One yesterday, EIGHT DAYS LATER, that it is “SELF EVIDENT” that the attacks in Libya were a planned terrorist attack.

Pardon me Mr. Carney, but “NO S*** !!!!”

Have you seen the pictures of the Ambassador? Are you outraged? My God, I hope so!