It appears that the Marine details are only at our Embassies in foreign countries, but not at the consulates that are scattered about in each country. That being said, and given the very nature of the inherent dangers in the Mideast, one has to wonder why our Ambassadors in the region do not have assigned security, whether throigh the Marines or the Secret Service, as they travel about throughout the region. The host nation is expected to provide a level of security, but given the trustworthiness of these ever-changing regimes, one must question their resolve as well.

From Politico:

The consulate where the American ambassador to Libya was killed on Tuesday is  an “interim facility” not protected by the contingent of Marines that safeguards  embassies, POLITICO has learned.

Ambassador Chris Stevens was killed with three other Americans in an attack  on the U.S. consulate in the city of Benghazi, where Libyan rebels ousted  strongman Moammar Qadhafi last year.

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So if, on our dime, we provide Secret Service protection to Valerie Jarrett (Obama’s boss) and David Plouffe, should we not be focused on the security of our Ambassadors above the security of these two political hacks?