from The Hill:

Two months to the day after President Obama accepts his party’s nomination for reelection, he will try to defy history and win the presidency with unemployment at 8.4 percent, hoping voters have accepted a “new normal.” Just hours after his now-indoor nomination speech, Obama will have to explain away another employment report, released Friday morning, that by all indications is expected to be less than encouraging. And as they kicked off their convention here in Charlotte and the national debt hit a new record at $16 trillion, Democrats have begun to worry about their campaign going broke as they learned Mitt Romney had raised $100 million in August.

Everyone has their game face on, though. Following Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley’s (D) admission this last weekend on CBS News that no, he didn’t think Americans are better off than they were four years ago, Democrats downloaded the Obama campaign talking points en masse; everywhere you go in the Queen City, they will tell you gleefully that we are all far better off than we were four years ago. They cite the loss of more than half a million jobs each month at the time Americans chose Obama as their next president and the 29 consecutive months of job growth that followed. They describe the depths of the recession that Obama inherited and the scant cooperation the Congress, particularly Republicans, have offered him in digging us out of the economic hole we fell into four years ago.

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