By now, everyone has seen the Obama PAC ad of Joe Soptic, which implies that his wife died as a result of Mitt Romney’s actions at Bain Capital. Forget the facts: Mrs. Soptic was on her own health insurance, that GST offered Mr. Soptic a buyout, that Mrs. Soptic got sick several years after her husband was laid off from GST. But those are just facts.

Obama campaign rep Stephanie Cutter “laughed” when Wolf Blitzer asked her about this ad on CNN, and went on to say she knew nothing about the facts….. but….. Joe Soptic gave his story to a conference call in May hosted by ….. Stephanie Cutter. And Mr. Soptic, he appeared in an ad put out by the Obama team’s Organizing for America even before the May phone conference call.

Is anyone out there astute enough to question the filming of these ads, which are supposedly by two separate organizations? Hhhhmm. Mr. Soptic has on the same shirt in BOTH ADS.

There has been no word from Obama or the White House that would say that they thought the latest Soptic ad was false and misleading. And the laughing Ms. Cutter being caught in a blatant boldfaced lie.

Should the Obama campaign dismiss Ms. Cutter?