Not long after it was reported that a charter plane had been dispatched from Boston to Wisconsin, another report hinted at Secret Service arrivals in Wisconsin. The latter were “squashed” for a bit.

Then FOXNews and CNN interrupted regular broadcasts with news that the Romney campaign would make its official VP announcement at the beginning of the planned bus tour this weekend.

The stage is set for the announcement to be made at 9AM Saturday morning in Norfolk VA, aboard the USS Wisconsin. The Romney camp has played the VP choice as an orchestrated event, and everything at this point is circumstantial speculation. Many pundits are leaning toward the Paul Ryan pick (now leading on InTrade) based on a line from an NBC interview that Romneu just did, where he said that his running mate would be one who has a vision for our country’s future. Many of the pundits immediately zeroed in on Ryan and his Road Map for America.

And then, all of these things could be a ruse, and the VP pick be truly bold…. like Gen. Petraeus.

I will put my marker on Paul Ryan.

Note: With Ryan @ 42, he is in the age bracket of Romney’s eldest sons, and the visual imagery of this lends itself well to moving the GOP into the hands of the “next generation” so to speak; the GOP’s “rising stars”.