He has now done it again on the floor of the Senate.

Using his leadership position on the floor of the United States Senate, Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) has once again made statements about GOP Presidential candidate Mitt Romney, casting aspersions as to whether the former Massachusetts Governor paid any taxes during a 10 year period. Of course, in the botching of words, many in the media cross the line further by saying that Harry Reid has implied that Romney did not file taxes.

Citing an anonymous source that said “something” to a Bain Capital representative, who, of course, are Obama2012 Campaign fundraisers, Reid’s comments allege that there are improprieties in Romney’s taxes, and that the Governor’s father, the late former Michigan Gov. George Romney would be “embarassed” by his son’s actions. For the record, George Romney, when running for the Presidency in 1968, released 12 years of tax returns.

For the Majority Leader to take to the floor of the Senate, with his leadership role as a backdrop, is politically callous. But to further denegrate Mitt Romney with comments about his late father simply goes beyond the pale.

Attack Romney on his record as the Massachusetts Governor. Take shots at his domestic policy plans or his foreign policy experience (both of which candidate Barack Obama purely lacked in 2008, but which the media glossed over). But to trash Romney with comments about his father and with unsubstantiated claims from unknown sources about his tax returns— as one commentator said today “Senator, have you no SHAME!!”


For the record, it has been reported that Jimmy Carter only released one year of tax returns when running for the Presidency, as did Ronald Reagan, and Sen. John McCain released 2 years of returns in 2008 when running against Barack Obama.