Hunger, or being hungry, and deciding what to eat—- that is my version of the Hunger Games!!

So I am hoping to be plenty hungry tomorrow, and urge everyone to show your support for Dan Cathy and Chick-Fil-A tomorrow by visiting one of his 1600 stores.

I urge our friends in the LGBT community to join as well. Why?

     Because this is not a marriage equality issue, or a gay rights issue!!

This is about freedom of speech………………… Mr. Cathy was asked a question and voiced his opinion, his beliefs.

For doing that, at least three Mayors have stated that they will use their political agendas to force Mr. Cathy to Change his views” or not be allowed to operate his businesses in their cities.

We must all understand that this is a very “slippery slope” that Chicago’s Ward leader and Mayor Rahm Emanuel is travelling upon. The very idea that a business will be granted a building permit, a Health department license, a certificate of occupancy, or any other Governmental license based upon the ideology of the management of the organization is patently offensive ti the very nature of the free enterprise system, our basic civil rights, and the very core of our freedoms.