Personally, while I like the charismatic young Senator, I think that Paul Ryan or Rand Paul would be solid “BOLD” choices that would electrify the GOP Ticket, but:

First it was Jeb Bush who suggested that Mitt Romney should pick Marco Rubio to be his VP, and now we have former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani giving Rubio a full-throated endorsement for the VP position. Giuliani was one of the first to endorse Rubio during his 2010 Senate race, and he believes that Rubio is the right choice who will bring “excitement to the race.”

Floridians feel the same way. In a completely unscientific poll conducted here on the Shark Tank, Rubio was the hands down favorite for VP with 306 votes of the 604 cast- that’s 50.66%!(POLL)

He’s right at the top of my list. He would be an excellent choice-he would bring a level of excitement to the race that it could use. – Mayor Rudy Giuliani