Each gun purchased by the madman who used the opening of the latest Batman movie to terrorize his fellow man were legally obtained.

It has been said that he purchased a cache of ammunition over the Internet.

It has been suggested that with the “tracking” that is done on the Internet, such purchases should have raised a “red flag”. Why? The purchases were probably done over a spread out period of time, and based on some reports, some of the purchases were shipped to his job site at the research center at the University of Colorado. Where would be the “red flag”?

More disturbing than the gun purchases is the fact that there is an obvious mental health issue in play, and the mental health problems in this country are often swept under the carpet. With the onset of the implementation of ObamaCare, there will continue to be a deterioration of the mental health system.

Add to the mental health problems in this country the decline of morality. As journalist Liz Trotta expressed today, the decadence in the movies like Batman have to be creating a culture problem. Plus the disdain for anything spiritual in nature, our religious values, adds to the decline. Vampires are held in higher regard than the Cross!!

Gun control is not the answer. We must remember that our Founding Fathers believed in the Second Amendment because the People needed to be able to make sure their government was kept in check, and if it wasn’t, the need might arise that the People would need to be able to defend themselves.