No, there is absolutely nothing wrong with Sasha and Malia Obama accompanying their parents on the campaign trail this summer. Megan McCain recently commented that her interest in politics, and in following the daily ebbs and flows of it, were sparked when her father John McCain “dragged”her through his Senate campaigns when she was 13.

But the Obama’s have been extremely careful to keep their children insulated from the prying eyes of the media. So much so that when the press reported on a trip with friends to Mexico, the stories were “scrubbed” after a reminder that the “girls were off-limits”.

There is no denying that the First Family paints a great portrait of la famiglia, and that it projects well on the narrative. One has to wonder if the visual of Ann Romney travelling with her husband as he campaigns, coupled with their 5 sons, Romney’s “Boys” as they’ve been dubbed, and the 16 grandchildren, is projecting an even better narrative.

In an interview with Sean Hannity, in Michigan, on the campaign bus, Ann Romney spoke freely about the people she greets each day, and how not a day passes without many telling her that they are “praying for her, her health, and for Mitt”. She says it is the power of prayer that gets her through the daily tasks of the tiresome days campaigning. The “power of Prayer”!!