From American Thinker:

The Washington Timesreported  on Sunday that two new studies indicate that children raised by gay parents  might not benefit from the experience like kids raised by married mother-father  parents.

“The empirical claim that no  notable differences exist must go,” University  of Texas sociology professor Mark  Regnerus said in his study in Social  Science Research.

Regnerus’s study involved 3,000  randomly selected young adults in the U.S.  These young adults’ lives were  measured for “social, emotional, and relationship  outcomes.”

The other new study challenges the  widely accepted contention by the American  Psychological Association that “[n]ot a single study has found children  of lesbian or gay parents to be disadvantaged in any significant respect  relative to children of heterosexual parents.”

Yet it’s often the same gay  advocates who argue that marriage and family are pliable who are as likely to  advance the case that homosexuality is inborn or  genetic,  without any scientific confirmation (or, perhaps, without any good science  confirming).

If homosexuality is ever  proven to be inborn (perhaps new science will prove something someday), it still  stands as a deviancy (the word isn’t being used pejoratively, but  descriptively).  Again, contrary to popular thinking, gays constitute about  3%  of the U.S. population, making gays a significant “deviation from the  norm.”  That 3% figure is likely true across the  planet.

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