“The Fountainhead” is to “Atlas Shrugged” what “Animal Farm” is to “1984.” Just like “Animal Farm” is not about farming, “Fountainhead” is not about architecture – it is about socialist ascent.

While “Atlas Shrugged” is all the rage these days – and appropriately so – I strongly suggest that anyone who is truly interested in defeating Obama in November read “The Fountainhead,” because it subtly lays bare the Obama playbook. However, at some points, subtlety gives way to blunt frankness – the gloating revolutionary. In this case Ellsworth Toohey, the socialist villain, spells out several ways of accomplishing a socialist takeover. I urge you to read this carefully – I will reproduce his words, in relevant part, in a manner that constitutes “fair use.” If you read and understand these points, you will know – in your own way – what you can do to defeat Obama and socialism in general.