from Brietbart:

YouTube, the Internet’s video town square, decided on Friday that Ms. McAulay’s video should not be seen. They removed it and rejected her appeal on the grounds that it did not meet their “community guidelines.” YouTube decided that the opinion expressed by Ms. McAulay was so hateful, so inflammatory, so out-of-bounds that the opinion is not suitable for their audience to hear. Ms. McAulay, in the opinion of YouTube, must be silenced.

UPDATE:  Early Monday morning, May 28, YouTube reinstated Ms. McAulay’s video.  Apparently, now the content of the video does not violate the Google-owned company’s community guidelines.  Also, as can be seen on the YouTube page, the downloads for the video are well over 25,000 despite misrepresentations by some of the more vociferous commenters on this post’s comment thread.

We congratulate Ms. McAulay for persevering and we hope the attention we brought to this matter helped YouTube to better evaluate their decision.

From JAMES: This issue is not about whether or not you agree with Ms. McAulay. It is about her right to publicly voice her opinion, to express herself using her right of free speech.  Thank God that at her young age she is willing to fight for her right to that opinion, and not be siolenced by those who trashed her in the comments and in their emails to YouTube. This falls into the category of Pastor Martin Niemoller’s quote in WWII “First they came for….”