From Pat Dollard:

Excerpted from The Washington Examiner: Controversial Democratic strategist and CNN contributor, Hilary Rosen, was hired by DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz to coach her on media appearances.

According to a Wall Street Journal report in February, Obama advisers told Wasserman Schultz to “tone it down,” suggesting that she hire “two seasoned Democratic female pros, Anita Dunn and Hilary Rosen,” for media training, in preparation for the upcoming campaign. Wasserman Schultz willingly accepted.

“I’m glad to get constructive criticism,” she said in the Wall Street Journal article.

Rosen is now under fire for suggesting that Mitt Romney’s wife Ann, “never worked a day in her life.”

Today, Patrick Gaspard, executive director of the Democratic National Committee sought to distance the party from Rosen’s comments.

“Hillary Rosen is absolutely not a paid adviser to the DNC or to the Obama campaign, absolutely not,” he said.

But Republicans at the Republican National Committee, have already pulled data on payments made by the DNC to Rosen.

“DNC has paid $120,000 to Rosen’s firm since 2011 for both a “communications consultant” and “media consultant,” tweeted Joe Pounder, the director at the RNC, “Sounds like Dunn and Rosen.”