With Mitt Romney have all but clinched the GOP nomination for POTUS, the talk has now turned to the “LIST” of potential candidates for the 2nd slot on the ticket. The names that have been fielded range from Marco Rubio to Paul Ryan (He has my endorsement, for what its worth).

     But perhaps choosing a career politician is too expected, too much the norm, not enough to rally the masses to bring an “END TO THE ERROR” that was made in 2008.

       From the Daily Caller:

CNBC reporter Rick Santelli’s biggest fan couldn’t talk him into running for the White House.

But Jeff Kahn of the Draft Santelli for President effort admits he’s now on a new mission: creating some buzz in favor of presumptive GOP nominee Mitt Romney choosing Santelli as his running mate.

“Gov. Romney’s best, if not only, chance of defeating President Obama in November will be with non-politician Rick Santelli as his running mate,” Kahn said Friday.

He elaborated: “Rick Santelli complements Mitt Romney as a candidate. Choosing any career politician to run with him will not counter the voters’ concerns with Gov. Romney.”

“Rick’s populist appeal is broadly-based and includes, but is not limited to, traditional Republicans, conservatives, Tea Party members, independent voters, disenchanted former Obama supporters, and disenchanted with Congress, if not disenfranchised in general, Americans,” he said.

Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2012/04/13/romney-urged-to-pick-cnbcs-rick-santelli-for-vice-s2oaeL5Cpresident/#ixzz1