Ann Romney advising her husband on women’s concerns. Absolutely no way can we let that happen, according to Democratic advisor Hilary Rosen. After all, as a stay-at=home mom, Ann Romney has no clue!! She’s never had a job in her life!!  Adding fuel to the firestorm, the President of the National Organization of Women today said that neither Ann Romney nor her husband have the “life experience” needed to address the woes of the country.

DOESN’T have the LIFE EXPERIENCE!!! If that is the criteria, by what standard did Barack Obama get elected? After all, he had no life experiences to fall back on.

While the White House tries to claim the Republicans are waging a “war on women”, Hilary Rosen’s attack on mothers has given the Romney team their response to the White House attacks.

Even more troubling to the White House is the idea that a surrogate has attacked the wife of his presumptive opponent, and in doing so, has opened the door to attacks on Michelle Obama, particularly with attacks on the First Lady’s lavish travel expenditures. In 2008, Hilary Rosen was an ardent defender of Mrs. Obama and the idea that the candidate’s families were “off limits”.

Looking forward to the next chpater!!