from the Daily Caller:

While Dick Cheney was recovering from his heart transplant in the intensive  care unit of Inova Fairfax Hospital in Falls Church, Va. Saturday, Twitter  exploded with hate and ill wishes for the former vice president. (RELATED:  Dick Cheney recovering after heart transplant surgery)

“Whoever donated their heart to dick cheney: fuck you,” tweeted @yokelesy.

“Cheney’s black soul keeps rotting out his heart. Fuck that bitch,” @SolidGlo waxed poetic.

“Why in the contumacious fuck are we wasting a perfectly good heart on dick  cheney?” tweeted @mr_senor_pete

Another offered a different if similar perspective, expressing happiness for  Cheney’s transplant — so that Cheney could one day meet his demise in a  fire.

“I’m glad Cheney survived his heart transplant because I’ve always wanted him  to die in a horrible fire,” @Jedimasterbator tweeted.

Others had suggestions for how to spend the rest of the evening.

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It should be noted that Dick Cheney was on the transplant list for 20 months. The donor is unknown at this time. It will be said that Cheney “bought” his way through the list, but given his comments over the past several years about a possible transplant at his age, Cheney probably received this precious gift through the normal protocol procedures.