With the mainstream media basically ignoring the firestorm that has brewed over the Obama Administration’s decision to force the Catholic Church to provide contraception in its health care covereage for its employees, the Obama team thinks they have found a way to “appease” the religious groups while not appearing to be giving in to the Church.

       Today, HHS and Obama announced that the availability to access to contraception medications, etc., must still go forward, they have said that if a religious institution has a religious objection to that premise, they do not have to pay for that coverage. BUT, the insurance carrier MUST still offer it to the employees of that religious institution, at no cost to the employee.

        So, let me get this straight. The Church, which has a fundamental disagreement with the idea of birth control, does not have to PAY for it for their employees, BUT it must still be a PART of the plan that the Church offers, and that their insurance carrier MUST pickup that cost. Call me stupid, but does Obama believe that the cost of the birth control will not be buried within the cost of the entire plan?

       Any thoughts?