from BigGovernment:

At the outset it’s important to note that while the Nevada DMV tried to justify their rejection of a “GOPALIN” plate on the grounds that it was supposedly “vulgar or obscene or expressing superiority of political affiliation,” they had no problem okaying the following plates: ““GOGREEN,” “DMOCRAT,” “AL GORE,” “KERRY,” “EDWARDS,” “DEAN,” “HILLARY” and “RONPAUL”.  (Moreover, Linlor claims that when he applied for a “GOOBAMA” plate, the DMV approved it.)

The head and ultimate decision maker for the Nevada DMV is Bruce Breslow, a Democrat who holds his job at the appointment of Nevada’s Republican Governor, Brian Sandoval. And for reasons unknown (and inexplicable), Gov. Sandoval is apparently siding with Breslow on this issue, if only by the simple act of keeping Breslow as DMV Director when such duplicitous, politically-motivated approvals and denials of personalized plate requests are taking place.

Again, just think about it: “GOPALIN” could not be approved because it was too “political” but “DMOCRAT,” HILLARY,” and “GOOBAMA” were all acceptable.

While some are asking whether Gov. Sandoval is standing by Breslow as a way to “curry favor with the unions representing the DMV and State employees,” the bottom line is that he’s making the wrong stand regardless of his reasons for doing so. And when questioned on the matter, the only answer the governor’s spokesman will give is “no comment.”

Sadly, this case has now moved up to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. Which means Gov. Sandoval is determined to continue spending Nevada tax-payer dollars for attorney’s fees and other costs tied to defending the Nevada DMV’s decision. It just seems a bit ridiculous when you think about the fact that this is all the result of trying to prevent a Nevada citizen from putting a “GOPALIN” license plate on his vehicle.