” So it’s time to Spend Spend and SOEND some more!!”

   Can you already hera the mantra cry from DNC Chair Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz as she makes her way through the Sunday talk show circuit, proclaiming the efficiencies of the Stimulus, and Stimulus 2.0!?

     David Axelrod will say we just had to give him the chance, the time, for his policies to work.

     With the release of the weekly unemployment claims filed, as wellas the jobs report from January, unemployment has reached its lowest point in three years. At Least that is what we will be told! MOST of the “news” stories will leave out the “cooked books” math that gives us this artificially created number. What they fail to tell us is the REAL unemployment rate, which includes those who are no longer receiving unemployment benefits, and who have stopped looking for work. The rate also does not reflect those who have pieced together several jobs to make ends meet and stay off the government dole.

    So as Obama and his surrogates take to the campaign trail to sing their own praises, keep these things in mind!