Although I despise the idea of the media telling us that Mitt Romney is the most electable candidate to unseat King Barack, if Mitt is to get the nomination in Tampa in August, who should he put on the ticket with him.

       Mrs. James believes that Romney has made a promise to Gov. Chris Christie. We both think this would be a colossal mistake.

       Of course, almost all of the pundits have annointed Florida’s junior Senator, Marco Rubio, to take the VP slot. A Tea Party favorite, and a Hispanic, Rubio could be a major force for a Romney ticket.

       Then there is the idea of Virginia’s Governor Bob McDonnell.

       While I cannot see Romney asking Ron Paul to be on his ticket, there is something intriguing in the idea of putting Rand Paul on the ticket. Could he bring over many of the supporters of his father?

       Lastly, there is the idea of a Kennedy-Johnson team: Just as there was no big friendship between John Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson, the same could be said of Romney and Rick Perry….. but it could be an interesting ticket.