In the midst of all the hoopla over NBC’s big Republican debate, George Stephanopoulos quietly returned to his old position as anchor of ABC’s This Week, and already he’s made some news with today’s appearance by former White House advisor David Axelrod. A new book out about President Obama details tensions between First Lady Michelle Obamaand White House staffers, which led to one advisor cursing her out during a meeting. Axelrod confirmed today that this incident did take place.

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The New York Times published an excerpt of the book, titled The Obamas, where the author alleges that former White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs was the advisor in question, reacting to a chain of events following the discovery that Mrs. Obama was quoted in a new French book as saying living in the White House was “hell.” Then he cursed out the first lady, who was absent at the time, but later Gibbs decided he had “misdirected his rage.”

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