A sports columnist wrote recently that he was angered at all of the backlash being thrown toward Tim Tebow for his open displays of his faith. “Argue his skills, his football prowess, but his faith?” The writer went so far as to ask where the Tebow defenders were? Why wasn’t the President calling for a football beer summit to make this a teachable moment? Another writer went so far as to say that if Tebow was a Muslim, the media would be in an uproar over the attacks.

     If one takes the time to read Tim Tebow’s book “Through My Eyes”, you get the understanding of his faith, how it has guided his decisions, and the role that both his faith and his family play in his life.

      But as a parent, a person like Tim Tebow would who I would want my child to view as a role model.

      And he must be having an impact. First of all, despite the naysayers and distractors, he is winning. The Denver Broncos are in playoff contention. He is brought the team, or better said that he has helped lead them to victory in some behind the 8-ball situations.

        The world is now “Tebowing”, or taking a knee and giving praise. Some do this in a mocking manner, but many are emulating the football star.

      So, President and Mrs. Obama, instead of gushing over Justin Beiber, perhaps you should embrace the rising star that is Tim Tebow. GOD knows we could use more leaders like Tim Tebow!

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