Submitted for your disapproval, in case you haven’t already seen the clip elsewhere. Compare and contrast with the Fishbone original. The dumbest part of this, of course, is the drummer tweeting about it to make sure everyone got “the joke,” which defeats the purpose of disguising the insult. If you know the media’s going to be buzzing about it tomorrow, why not just call Bachmann a “lyin’ ass bitch” to her face? At least that way she’d get to defend herself and the show wouldn’t look like it’s stabbing her in the back.

A Twitter user asked the drummer last night, “you don’t think indirectly calling a guest on your show a ‘bitch’ might blow up in your face? & maybe it should? (I’m a democrat)”. Here was the response. Fallon himself tweeted a few hours ago that the drummer is “grounded” but we’ll have to wait ’til tonight’s show to find out if that means anything more than “please stop yelling at me about Bachmann.”

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