Sharon Bialek appears with sensationalist attorney Gloria Allred to “read” her detailed account of the manner that she claims that Herman Cain sexually harassed her. Of course, its oure coincidence that David Axelrod lives in her building.

     The anonymous friend on one of the anonymous accusers is cited by CNN as a “source”. They mention a fifth woman, but the fifth woman says that Cain showed no harassing behavior, and that her only problem with him was the expensive wine he had ordered at the dinner they were at.

      Karen Kraushauer has issued a statement that she was harassed by Cain. She works in the Inspector General’s office at the Treasury Department. And now the Cain team is saying that they have confirmed that Ms. Kraushauer’s son works for Politico.

      Hhhmmmm….. Politico is where the Cain attacks began.

      Paula Jones was villified by the media as white trash because she lacked an Ivy League education, after she accused Bill Clinton of sexual harassment. It was as though her story was not believable because of her “lower” education. On the opposite end of the spectrum, the women accusing Cain are believeable because they have “better” educations!?!

     Cain’s numbers in the polls had been rising before this attack started, and they have not faltered. Is the left and the establishment right that afraid of this man’s campaign?

     Or is this a distraction away from everything we are facing, like the “SuperCommittee” failing to met the deadline for the report on meeting the debt crisis head on, the failing Obama policies, and the fact that “Nero (Obama) is fiddling while Rome is burning (literally)!!”