Martha MacCallum, FOX News: “One of the things is that you lived at a 505 North Lake Shore Drive apartment, right? This is the same building, it happens to be the same building David Axelrod lives in. Do you know David Axelrod? Ever have any interaction with him at all?

Sharon Bialek, Cain accuser: “I saw him in the gym. I mean — everybody nods to each other. It is friendly building but I never had any interaction with him.”

On a side note: I found it interesting yesterday as Ms. Bialek was speaking yesterday that she had to “read” her description of the alleged incident with Herman Cain. What she read was what her attorney would have presented if she had been speaking on behalf of Ms. Bialek. I can only imagine that if it were my spouse, she would not have needed a piece of paper to “read” the details of the incident!