Here it is.
RUSH:  But I have to make one more point.  The other example of how there is a distinct difference in treatment is that during the 2008 campaign, Mr. Obama was accused of a sex and drug-related incident by a man, a Mr. Larry Sinclair.  To this day — (static flare)

RUSH:  Did we lose hear?

CALLER:  — the press has reported it.  Now, it could be well, you know, it’s not substantiated. (static) We don’t have facts.  Well, there’s no substantiation. (static)

RUSH:  She’s having problem on a cell.  But I remember the Larry Sinclair thing, and what I remember about it was that the media told us this guy was an absolute weird nutcase, insane lunatic; should have been in asylum or some such thing. Remember that?  That was how the accuser was characterized.  I remember that.  Larry Sinclair.  I’m gonna have to Google the name or have one of my vast array of researchers (ahem) Google the name and remind me who Larry Sinclair was.  But I remember that the media set out to destroy this guy.

CALLER: (silence)