from the Daily Caller:

A lawyer representing one of the women who accused GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain of sexual harassment in the 1990s released a statement Friday after receiving approval from the National Restaurant Association. Despite the association’s permission for her to speak candidly, the statement did not included details of the allegations.

Attorney Joel Bennett, who represents one of the two women who filed complaints while Cain was the association’s CEO, said that the presidential candidate engaged in a “series of inappropriate behaviors,” but that his client “has chosen to not relive the details.”

“Cain knows the specific incidents,” he said. “If he chooses not to remember or not acknowledge those that’s his issue.”

The identities of Cain’s accusers have been withheld by several news organizations which have claimed to have learned their names. Two women received settlements after filing complaints and signed confidentiality agreements. Another unidentified woman claimed anonymously Thursday that she was also sexually harassed, but said she did not pursue a formal complaint.

“We’re not gonna get more specific about what was physical, what was verbal,” Bennett said on behalf of his client. “It qualified as sexual harassment in our opinion.”

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