Herman Cain’s camp has not handled the sexual harassment allegation claims too well, but the media has placed that big target on his back. Tonight, his people are claiming that the story was leaked to Politico by Rick Perry’s team……………. a member of Perry’s staff worked on Cain’s Senate campaign.

        The Washington Post is calling on the tabloid National Enquirer to do what it does best…… pay the victims enough to break their confidentiality agreement. Hhmmm… The Post wouldn’t “touch” the John Edwards “love child” story for more than a year, because, after all, the story was “tabloid fodder” from the Enquirer.

        And no one is making any correlation to the man we elected two decades ago despite the fact that he REALLY DID SEXUALLY ASSAULT several women. And who can forget Monica Lewinsky?!

         Are “settlements” or agreements with someone who has made an allegation of sexual harassment proof that something occurred. Anyone who has managed a business knows that there are some things that are done in the name of best interest of the business. It is not uncommon for a business to settle a dispute or claim, despite no wrongdoing, because it is sometimes cheaper to resolve it than to pay the attorney to defend it.

        So Herman Cain is suffering from this scandal? He is, if raising $300,000 on Monday is suffering. He is, if being ahead of Mitt Romney, the GOP heir-apparent, by 10 points in yesterday’s South Carolina polls, is suffering.

         I am not saying that Herman Cain is the man to take on the Empty Suit who now is at “Occupy White House”. It is simply that the American public has seen what the media did to us by choosing Obama and McCain in 2008, and they are not going to let them tell us that Romney is the “be all, end all” (even if he is, in the end, the next POTUS).