[ Mittens Romneycare:  the Cocktail Party GOP establishment’s “it’s his turn candidate” who intends to do absolutely nothing to combat the public sector unions in this country…a soggy cucumber and mayonnaise sandwich if ever there was one ]

Oddly enough, today I was working on a longer essay on why, exactly, I can never bring myself to support Mittens Romneycare in any capacity.  I think my list had about 14 items to begin with, before Mittens delivered #15 today when he sided with the Labor Unions in Ohio against public sector employee reform that’s much needed to save my home state from financial ruin.

I didn’t like Mittens Romneycare earlier today…but I have to say I really and truly can’t stand this man now.

While at a GOP call center in Ohio where volunteers were working hard to support Governor Kasich’s effort to rein in the out of control public sector unions, Mittens refused to support the Governor’s efforts.

Every Republican coast to coast should be supporting the decertification of the Unions, particularly those working for taxpayers.

Even Steve Jobs believed the teachers’ unions, specifically, should be annihilated
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