There is an outpouring of sympathy to the family, friends, employees of Apple’s Steve Jobs. Dana Perrino, on FOX’s “The Five” commented that on her flight from NYC to Atlanta, she looked through the plane and noted how much of a large percentage of the passengers had “something” that was a part of the genius of Steve Jobs.

       One of my nieces, who loves her Apple products, has been taken aback by the outpouring. It hit me that Steve Jobs’ impact on our generation is akin to the impact that Thomas Edison and Henry Ford had upon their generation, and all of those that have followed.

       Apple’s “Think Different” campaign was the result of Jobs’ response to IBM’s campaign “Think”.

      Here is the “Think Different” ad, narrated by Steve Jobs himself:

      And, after the announcement of the passing of Steve Jobs yesterday, this “Think Different” video was posted: