and because its PRIVATE PROPERTY, they do not need a permit from the City.

Occupy Wall Street protesters have set up an urban campground.

Ironically, the protesters don’t need a city permit to occupy private property. And so far, while the police have maintained a strong presence in the area, they have yet to try to remove the protesters. Brookfield, the NYPD and the office of Mayor Bloomberg have all declined to comment on exactly how things at Zuccotti Park are being handled.

“The good news,” according to Christopher Dunn, the associate legal director of New York Civil Liberties Union, “is that the police are taking a pretty accommodating approach to the park itself, and that has help avoid confrontation this far.”

What Brookfield has said is that the park rules are clearly posted. They ban tents or other structures, as well as the placement of tarps, sleeping bags or other coverings on the property.

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