On October 1, the Washington Post published a story by reporter Stephanie McCrummenin which she noted that early in his political career, GOP presidential hopeful Rick Perry hosted lawmakers at a family hunting camp labeled near its entrance as “Niggerhead.” Castle Rock attorney Mike Robinson found the report full of dubious innuendo — so he decided to “use the same methodology she did” by investigating McCrummen and framing his findings in the most damning way possible.


The result was “Washington Post Staff Writer Who Wrote Rick Perry Attack Piece Has Criminal Past,” published on the conservative site RedState.com. (It’s also available via Examiner.com, which includes the Post photo of McCrummen seen here.) In the piece, he argues that while “a careful read of the story shows that there is no substantiation for the allegations of racism, Ms. McCrummen, the Post, and MSNBC have held a non-stop witch hunt, accusing Mr. Perry of everything under the sun. So, let’s examine the author using the same journalistic standards practiced by the Washington Post.”


stephanie mccrummen.jpg
Stephanie McCrummen.

​Shortly thereafter, Robinson announces that “Ms. McCrummen has a rather interesting criminal history herself, as public criminal records in multiple states stretching across 4 time zones.” The first violation took place almost twenty years ago in North Carolina — writing a “hot check.” Then, circa 2005, “the apparently unrepentant Ms. McCrummen” was found guilty in Virginia of failing to obey a highway sign. The next year, also in Virginia, she was caught driving 46 miles per hour in a 25 mph zone. And finally, in August 2010, while in Arizona, she sped again and paid her fine two months late after being tracked down as part of a collection-review program. Thus, McCrummen is “a four-time loser in the states’ criminal courts.”


Does Robinson believe these infractions make McCrummen unsuitable to work as a reporter for a major national news organization. “Gosh, no,” he says from his Castle Rock office. “That’s normal stuff anybody would have on their record. I’ll bet I could go through your record, or anybody’s, and do guilt-by-association things just like that.

For full article: http://blogs.westword.com/latestword/2011/10/rick_perry_nggerhead_stephanie_mccrummen_washington_post.php