President Obama’s stimulus and tax package is being blocked in the Senate by a filibuster from his own party, big donors are shying away and he has yet to find bottom in his five-month slide in the polls.

This has conservative Republicans thinking that maybe now would be a good time to try something different: nominating someone they actually like. And so, their gaze has fallen on Herman Cain, a Tea Party guy, a populist, a businessman, somebody with a sense of humor and the first-ever serious black contender in the Republican history.

If Obama can’t win no matter what, why shouldn’t the Republicans have a nominee who pleases them instead of placates them? Rep. Michele Bachmann has not been able to revive her own campaign, which is unlikely to recover from her decision to be an attack-dog candidate, but she certainly is in tune with the Republican zeitgeist with her current campaign theme of “don’t settle.”

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