Is President Barack Obama truly worse than Jimmy Carter?

     Is he becoming a toxic liability to the Democrats?

      Harry Reid is dragging his feet on bringing the Jobs Bill up for a vote, even as the President demands that the House, through Eric Cantor, brings it to the floor. Sen. Minority leader Mitch McConnell tries to call Reid’s bluff by calling for the Senate to vote on the bill. Bottomline, they all know that it is NOT a jobs bill….. it is a Stimulus 2.0 !

        The POTUS is heading to the Midwest for ANOTHER fundraiser, and Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo) will NOT be in attendance, her office citing a scheduling conflict with another event. Claire, of course, is campaigning to keep HER job!

        Add to all of this the growing review of the Solyndra scandal…….

       And now, the top man at the DOJ appears to have “lied” to Congress when asked about his knowledge and the timeline of it with regard to the “Fast and Furious” gun-running program. In fact, the CBS reporter (yes, mainstream media) who has been pressing on the DOJ with regard to Fast and Furious was “screamed at” by both the White House and DOJ officials for her reporting. (Is it possible that there are still some “real” journalists still out there?)

     All in all, the President looks and sounds like he may be resigning himself to the idea that he is the One $Billion$ Dollar Underdog, and his days left at the White House are shorter that he and Michelle had planned.