Claiming that the DOJ’s raids on Gibson Guitars is politocally motivated, and that the DOJ is trying to interpret and enforce the laws of another country, Gibson’s CEO has been invited to attend Obama’s economy speech before the Joint Session of Congress tomorrow. He was invited by Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN), and will be seated in Speaker John Boehner’s box.

from the National Review:

Sources tell National Review Online that Gibson’s chairman and chief executive, Henry Juszkiewicz, will attend President Obama’s joint address to Congress on Thursday. Federal agents recently raided Gibson’s manufacturing facilities, suspecting that the company was using illegally-imported wood. 

Juszkiewicz has vocally defended Gibson’s practices and denied the allegations. “There’s no doubt we’re being persecuted,” he said in an interview with the Tennessean. “But while I was sitting in my conference room, while agents blocked the door to my office, I decided two things. One, we were going to try and fight this in court. Secondly, we were going to give this issue visibility.”

Juszkiewicz will be the guest of Rep. Marsha Blackburn, a Tennessee Republican. Blackburn represents numerous Gibson employees, many of whom reside in the Nashville suburbs.