On his working vacaction (an oxymoron of sorts for the President), President Obama’s aides have said that in light of the fluid situation in Libya and Syria today, the President will only take in NINE HOLES of golf today instead of 18. This will enable him to better moniter the Libya situation. The round of golf is after some beachtime with the family.

         Yes, the “Presidency” travels with the President. It is “imagery” that is disturbing to many Americans.

         Richard Nixon would go off to San Clemente or Miami. Ronald Reagan would escape to his ranch in California. LBJ and George W. Bush had their ranches in Texas, and Kennedy could go off to Hyannis MA or Palm Beach.

         In each of the above cases, when these men were elected to the White House, the American taxpayer set up their homes with the necessary security and the necessary equipment needed for the office of the Presidency. We could assume that we did the same for that beautiful home in the Chicago suburbs. So why not, in these economic times, did the First Family not spend a vacation like so many Americans….. as a “stay-cation” at their home?