Texas Gov. Rick Perry asn’t physically present, but he was there. So was the presumptive GOP heir, Mitt Romney.

     But after the debate Thursday night, and the sttaw poll vote on Saturday, this moment belongs to Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann.

     Winning the Ames straw poll vote is not an overall indicator, but it is setting the scene for a GOP race that will not “be over” before the key states of Florida get to weigh in.

      Less than 12 hours after the straw poll results, the field has changed. Gov. Tim Pawlenty has withdrawn from the race. Rick Santorium was slightly bouyed by his results, albeit it may not transform into cash or votes.

        The pundits see the race going as follows: Bachmann will take the win in the Iowa caucus, Romney will take New Hampshire, and Perry will take South Carolina (no coincidence that he made his announcement in SC). So going into Florida, there will be a three way split to solidfy the forces. The dems will promote this as a party divide, but the actuality is that it may give the GOP a better chance at electing THE CANDIDATE, the one who can dethrone THE ONE!

        Fasten those seat belts, for its going to be a bumpy ride!!